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MOTMANS has a team of designers with considerable experience in Electromechanical equipments (Hydromachinery) and instrumentation (I & C) designs in the area of Power generation.

  • Engineering of new power plants and reverse engineering of existing power plants

This is our core activity we perform and achieve the improved performance and characteristics of operating power plants. We undertake site inspection to engage and collect all necessary information of the operating powerplants as a first step. Engineers will measure and analyze all available parameters to determine the machine characteristics such as discharge, water levels, pressures and heads, power, position (openings) of the blades, temperatures and various operating data like pressure and vibrations.

Fluid flow simulation using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is used for design development, model construction of Hydraulic machines, and validation of improved design. Such development method using CFD techniques for hydro machinery can reduce considerably the overall cost of project.

Also following services for power plants and transmission stations with our proven design resources and modern tools to the requirements of customer.

  • Protection and Control

         Feeder, Transformer, Busbar, Bus coupler panels

  • LT panels

    MCC/PCC, Drives

  • Automations Panels

         RTU, SAS

  • Mosaic and Control Desk Panels                                      
  • Other Services

Cable sizing & scheduling, cable tray layouts and            Earthing layouts, Industrial Documentation, Red markup updation

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